Finally, A Complete Step-By-Step Execution Plan For All The E-commerce, Crypto-currency, YouTube Consultants, Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers To ...

Learn How To Get As Many Customers, Clients, And Sales As You Can Handle...

  • Without having a dedicated sales team.
  • Without technical skills or internet marketing experience.
  • Without burning a hole in your bank account spending tens of thousands of dollars on courses you WILL NEVER USE.

Dear Ambitious Business Owner,

Imagine that you've been invited to a closed-door meeting where you'll be learning the secrets of PAID TRAFFIC direct from today's leading authority on YouTube Ads.  

My name is Venkata Konidala and I run the #1 Traffic Agency in the UK. Clients include name brands you’d recognize instantly, well known celebrities as well as really successful entrepreneurs and marketers.

Just a short 3 years ago I was stuck in a dead end J.O.B working paycheck to paycheck struggling to make enough to get by each month.

I had invested THOUSANDS of dollars in courses and programs online all making these wild claims that they would show me this underground secret that would allow me to be making 6 figures in 3 days flat...

They didn't work for me.

Everything I learned was through trial-and-error.

I want to be upfront with you...

With anything that you do, you WILL DEFINITELY have to put in some effort and work.

My goal with this program is to take you from wherever you are (even if you know nothing about marketing) and start making money by generating laser targeted leads in as little as an hour.

This has taken me countless hours of experimentation, and thousands of advertising dollars to find that exact formula I’m going to share with you.

I have sold products for myself and clients, that teach many of my people all over the world how to sell products PROFITABLY, in many niches including: Home business, Fitness, Marketing, Beauty & many more. Let me show you a few of my clients and see what they have to say...


Perry and Celia Johnson

Ian Billingham

…and now I want to show YOU how to do it! 

There Is No Such Thing As Free Traffic

How is it free if it's costing you time? 

If you’ve ever played the SEO game, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

So-called “free” traffic involves weeks, months, even years of writing content, begging for backlinks and watching your site slowly crawl up the Google rankings praying that it will eventually lead to you making money.

Trust me, I've tried every form of traffic out there and I got fed up with how badly they converted. 

Free TRAFFIC attracts people who want things for free.

Why waste hundreds of hours trying to fool an algorithm you have zero control over?

You'll be competing with other people who are doing what you're doing and be at the mercy of Google.  

You could spend YEARS of your life on a website, building links, chasing people on social media, writing content, learning the latest SEO strategies and then...   

A new update suddenly wipes out all your hard work.  

Out of nowhere Google suddenly creates a new update and everything you've done goes to waste.  

I know Marketers who've experienced this and who had to start over from scratch and figure out a new game-plan.


You have ALWAYS had access to massive amounts of relevant, targeted traffic but you never knew how to tap into it.  

Until now... 

With the traffic system you’re about to get your hands on, a new world of opportunity opens up.

A world where YOU are in control.

With paid traffic, you can create and nurture winning campaigns. And then SCALE them up to your heart’s content.

Making money should be your priority even at the very start.

Mastering Traffic Is Like Having A Golden Ticket

Whether you’re a total newcomer wanting to get your feet wet, and you're learning this so you can start your own agency, 


if you are a business owner ready to go to the next level...

You can easily do that when you master the art of paid traffic. 

Without Consistent Traffic, Your Business
Is Dying A Slow And Painful Death

If you want to grow, scale and expand your profits online...

Many of my private clients hire me because, maybe like you, they need a helping hand. A guiding light.

A go-to-guy who controls and manipulates the flow of giant waves of traffic.

Not somebody who follows the same well-worn path as everyone else... but a traffic expert who knows what he's doing and who can show you something that will work for you.

Here’s a secret:

This huge wave of laser-targeted traffic is available to anyone who knows what they're doing.

The important secret is in knowing WHERE to tap into this traffic.

And figuring out how to stay in touch with your prospects...

Tracking their movements...

And knowing what they want better than they even know themselves...

THAT kind of information isn’t readily available.

For the first time...

Get access to unlimited amounts of cheap, targeted, evergreen traffic: 

  • Traffic you can easily setup in a few clicks.
  • Traffic that works for ANY niche, sales video, affiliate offer, e-commerce store or any offer that you choose.
  • Traffic that can easily be transformed into leads, subscribers, customers and profits.

It doesn't matter if you're a total newcomer looking to get traffic for the very first time...

A Few Of My Many Success Stories

Cody Adams

Russell Herbert

Jill Veverka


“Tony Ashbolt here AKA the world whisperer, and I’m just going to tell you about traffic and how to buy it. I would wholeheartedly stand by Venkata and say absolutely that this guy delivers. 

There’s almost always a sale coming in from him. Every single day during the month of August, which was supposed to be a quiet time of the year!

I hope this helps.”


"Hi Ven, thank you very much for setting up the WRYA campaign for me. I was truly excited the day I was informed my ad was launched. But what was more surprising and shocking was that I had actually made an instant sale too - my very first sale!!

To be honest, I must say the past 5 months were very frustrating and disappointing. My ads were running, cost was going up but there were no sales.

So, seeing my first sale instantly upon launching the campaign is truly unbelievable. I feel confident now.The video and funnel were very impressive too. Thank you again Ven, for delivering what you promised."


"Those are the kind of people that you wanna connect with and I have been fortunate enough to connect with Venkata.

We are part of a team together and he has helped me on many things and I hoped that I would be able to contribute something back.

I’ve learned so much from him and he’s one of my mentors in this business. I appreciate everything he’s done for me, let’s keep moving forward together.”

Here’s how this works:

All you have to do is open a few free accounts, outsource a couple of quick jobs (for a fraction of what you would expect!), follow a few steps and you will have your own traffic-generating goldmine.

This is the same formula I use for my own business and what I teach in $100K Masterminds all over the world.

The reason I designed this program is because I want you to experience life changing results even if you can't afford to work with me (just yet)...

I want to give you the opportunity to turn your business around and who knows... I might get to see you in one of my in-person trainings because of the amount of money you'll be making as a result of this program.

You will discover:

  • The reason 99.8% of people fail to get their business off the ground.
  • My hard-earned, tested & proven strategy for running a marketing campaign that will convert leads and turn them into future buyers.
  • My Advanced Audience Targeting System: Make sure you’re selling to the right people before you start, otherwise you’re working too hard for too little return. This simple process ensures you target only high-quality leads who actually want what you have to sell. This alone will save you thousands of dollars in costly mistakes.
  • Track your conversions easily by discovering what works and what doesn't. Without this, you’re just shooting in the dark.
  • Discover a sneaky tool you can put to work on your page for tracking and testing... if you can copy & paste you can do this in 2 minutes.
  • Powerful optimization and advanced scaling techniques to rapidly scale your campaigns.
  • Google-Proofing your business...believe me, The Big G has their eye on everything you do, and they are NOT on your side! This information is CRITICAL to you staying online and under Google’s radar and avoid getting banned.
  • Remarketing - On average, only 5% of visitors buy the first time (Even though I’ll help you do better than that…) which is why retargeting is THE latest way online entrepreneurs are following people around the net.
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    And so much more!

This is a complete A-Z that will quickly turn you into a TRAFFIC EXPERT

even if you have zero internet marketing experience.

If You Belong To One Of The Following Groups Then You're Missing Out Big Time If You Don't Take Action NOW...

Network Marketers, Coaches, MLM'ers, Small Business Owners who are sick and tired of calling friends, harassing people and are fed up about not getting the results you truly want.

Entrepreneurs looking for a new income stream, traffic source and new ways to bring in fresh leads, sales and profits. Use this, and then brand yourself to start charging others to drive traffic to their business.

Service providers and SAAS companies looking for new leads and customers to sell to.

Anyone and everyone doing business online (or who wants to do business online) and wants to avoid all the traps and pitfalls that almost all budding entrepreneurs fall into 

Just Imagine...

Can you imagine what life would look like if you learned how to properly set up a system that made you money running 24/7 on autopilot?

I have traveled to nearly 50+ different places and I can do this because I have TRAFFIC ON DEMAND working for me no matter what I'm doing.

I can tell you from experience... 

life is so much better when you don't have to worry about where your sales are going to come from, and when you start making BIG money online.

Imagine the looks on your loved ones’ faces when you surprise them with an expensive gift.

Your family deserves the very best without you having to kill yourself in the process.

Imagine the feeling of freedom you’ll experience as you realize you don’t have to slog through traffic for an hour each way, to go to an office you don’t want to be at because you're working for yourself.

Just Follow The Simple Steps NOW!

The program contains 14 step by step video sessions, showing you precisely how to launch your first successful ad campaign for your business.

All you have to do is follow the easy video lessons, pause the videos and follow the steps as you watch our 'over the shoulder' walkthroughs.

Unlike other drawn out 10+ hour courses, 14 Step YouTube Ads Execution Plan is quick and easy.

By the time you complete the core videos, you'll be able to successfully launch highly targeted, optimized YouTube ads in a matter of minutes.

Nothing gets left behind (and while nothing is guaranteed)...

As you can imagine, following a proven system will allow you to avoid costly mistakes and get profitable, faster.

You can see how good it will feel when you successfully open up this new stream of highly targeted traffic for your business.

So if you want to skip the hard work, the testing, and follow a system that is proven to get targeted, high converting traffic with YouTube ads, this is for you.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get
Inside This Program

Step #1: Getting Started With YouTube Ads The RIGHT Way

This step introduces you to YouTube ads and why they work so well. It will show you the two ways you can start making money on the internet using YouTube. This step will also go through various issues on why people fail and the Do's and Don'ts in running ads on this platform.

Step #2: YouTube Sales Machine Blueprint

This step will provide you with a strong foundation in the core concepts of YouTube marketing with an overview of the entire process on how this YouTube marketing works. You will discover the four key elements you need to focus on to generate income.

Step #3: Discover The Right Ad Type For Your Business

You will learn the different types of ads available in this YouTube world. I will walk you through each type of ad in detail on why, when, where and how to use.

Step #4: Setting Up For Success - Launching Your First YouTube Campaign

You will get introduced to some basic tools that are required to start working on YouTube ads. These tools are mandatory, so each tool is detailed in step-by-step manner so you can implement as you go through.

Step #5: Setting Up For Success - Launching Your High Converting Video

YouTube is all about videos! In this step you will get familiarized with different ways to get your video done the right way. You will develop the knowledge and skills needed to put your ideas into a video format aligned with the buyer journey. You will discover my simple Video Production and Video Editing Techniques.

Step #6: Setting Up For Success - Launching Your High Converting Funnel

In this step, you’ll discover how to build a converting sales funnel from scratch, even if you haven’t done it before! You’ll learn how to design your sales funnel that will turn cold traffic into repeat customers. I’ll cover what customer acquisition funnels are and how they work, in-depth. You’ll also discover the mistakes to avoid when designing your funnel.

Step #7: YouTube Channel Optimization To Maximize Video Conversions

If your video is of high quality and contains relevant information the viewer may want to visit your channel. So, you need to make sure your YouTube channel is setup appropriately. Your channel should be easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. I will walk you through all the required settings to optimize your channel.

Step #8: Finding Your Ideal Customer On YouTube

In this step, I walk you through the different targeting options that you need to know in order to find your potential customers and begin communicating with them in order to create products and content that they will love.

Step #9: Video Discovery Ad Setup

In this step, I teach you how to create your video discovery ad, and walk you literally step by step in the setup process for your first ad. As I walk you through the setup process, I explain all the elements of the ad that you will need to fill out in your ad. And when you finish this step, you can launch your first ad and begin observing results.

Step #10: In-stream Ad Setup

This step is designed to provide you with everything you need to launch a successful in-stream ad campaign. You will be able to identify and apply my well proven strategies to increase engagement in YouTube videos to increase viewer retention.

Step #11: Track Your Video Conversions

You will get a thorough understanding of different tracking techniques and options available. This step will guide you on how to setup tracking according to best practice and use tracking to analyse marketing campaigns.

Step #12: Advanced Audience Targeting

You will understand what retargeting is and how it works, in this step. You will learn to profitably set up, manage and optimize professional retargeting campaigns. Save time setting up your retargeting and remarketing campaigns by using my advanced tips and shortcuts that I have uncovered over the past three years.

Step #13: Optimization And Scaling Techniques

Video ads are known to have some of the highest conversions of all the ads out there. But, you can only achieve this if you can optimize your campaigns and scale them. In this step, you will gain expertise on various optimization and scaling techniques.

Step #14: Money Metrics

If you can spend a dollar on the ads, and get a bigger amount of sales back, then you can increase your spending to get more and more profitable sales. In this step, you will discover some of my secret strategies I use to get more and more profitable sales without increasing your spending.

Okay This Sounds Amazing...
But I bet it's going to be expensive, right?

This will easily make $3K, $5K, $10K and beyond.

Sure I could easily charge a realistic $997 for this and people would buy it in a heartbeat but I wanted to make this affordable to you.

Listen I'm not going to charge you $997...

Not even half of that...

Instead, I have decided to make it ridiculously easy and affordable for anyone to try this simple formula out.

So instead of $997 If you order right now… You'll pay just $197...

I am so confident that this is the ultimate copy & paste traffic system for your internet marketing business, whether you are promoting any website, you are into e-commerce or crypto-currency, you are YouTube consultant, affiliate marketer or network marketer that I'm going to do something I've never done before.

I guarantee you this is the best damn course out there or I will return your payment in full.

No questions asked. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Millions of new competitors made things like Facebook ads ultra competitive, highly expensive and saturated making it extremely difficult for average folks to get online and start making sales.

If you’ve ever struggled to grow or scale your business with solo ads, Facebook or other traditional paid traffic methods, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

So you have two options.

You can compete with the masses until everyone outbids each other making advertising unprofitable for absolutely everyone in the game.

Or you can pay attention to trends and jump on the latest advertising opportunity before the masses. 

Fortunately for you, I've always been and always will be at the top of my industry to serve clients the what's working now methods.

This is why I'm considered the highest paid marketing consultant in this entire industry charging $40,000 - $150,000 for private coaching and consulting....

Today, you get to tap into a vast amount of wisdom, expertise and knowledge, because I'm opening this to the general public...

The total value of everything in this amazing breakthrough system goes well into the thousands of dollars.

When I originally ran this by some of my top students, they said I would be crazy to offer it for anything less than $10,000. Obviously, they know the value because they’ve experienced the results for themselves.

However, we don’t know each other, so I want to give you every reason to say YES to what I have for you. So you can create results, and come back to spend more money with my company later.

For the next 100 people to purchase 14 Step YouTube Ads Execution Plan, I'm going to make this powerful program available for one easy investment of $197.

The normal price for this is $997 and we are planning to raise it to $1497 - $1,997. Since you are reading this letter right now, you can claim your fast-action discount to secure your spot to become a Top Earner in your industry and market.

What Other Clients Say About Venkata


Alex Smith

Eon Jon

NOW, this is YOUR chance to finally take control of your business, by mastering the hottest traffic strategy right now. 

When you can create highly targeted video ads, you can flood your business with new leads, and sales any time you choose.

To experience the YouTube Ads Execution Plan yourself, and start creating successful YouTube ads in a few hours from now, CLICK THE BUTTON and get started RIGHT NOW!

14 Step YouTube Ads Execution Plan is one of the first of many releases to come in my effort to open source my entire online business.

Which is why this is likely the only time you'll find it or any other course of mine available for such a ridiculously low price.

Now, you need to ACT quickly because the price is going up.

If you don't do anything, everything will stay the exact same. 

Maybe that's failing to convert any traffic source into consistent leads and sales or not really growing how you want to grow. 

However, when you act right now you'll be able to drive as much red-hot targeted traffic to your websites as you want, any time you choose.

So if you're ready to take advantage of the biggest thing since Facebook, and get ahead while YouTube advertising is still completely untapped - CLICK THE BUTTON below, go to the order page and get started.


I’m absolutely serious - everybody I’ve shown this method to has made money, and I believe you will be no different.

Click the button below now before I am forced to take this offer down without notice.

All you have to do is follow the 14 proven steps …

And you’ll be well on your way to becoming our next success story!

Remember … This is 100% guaranteed to help you!

So if you're ready to take advantage of the biggest thing since Facebook, and get ahead while YouTube advertising is still completely untapped - click the button, go to the order page and get started.

I promise this will be the best decision you’ve ever made!

I’ll see you on the other side!

Venkata Konidala

P.S. Remember - if you’re looking for long, complex courses where you have to map out a 12 month plan before you even start making money - this is not like that - I have created the simplest way for the ‘little guy’ to leverage existing, free tools and get rich online.

P.P.S. And don’t forget it’s all backed by a 100% money back guarantee - so please go through the entire 14 steps for 14 days, and if you don’t think it’s got the secrets to making you back 10 times your investment (and then some) you’ll get a fast refund with no questions asked.


  • Why Only $197?

If you’re thinking “$197 is cheap… What’s the catch?”

  • $197 makes this information available to those who are committed to their success. 
  • Once you apply this in your business, the results will be so amazing that you will probably become one of my future clients...

My main goal is to give you value and to be in this for the long-run. There is no fine print or “hidden trials”...

Just the information you need and the results you want.

This is a value of at least $997.

If you have a problem with cheap stuff I understand because I'm the same way, that's why I am not planning to keep this at a $197 for long.

  • When do I get access to this?

Immediately. Like you pull out your credit card, and you gain access instantly.

  • What will I learn?

It’s a step by step blueprint for having success with video ads on YouTube. After spending lots of money in testing and perfecting these formulas, I put them into systems for my team to use and NOW I'M OPENING THE DOORS TO YOU.

This is a complete A-Z on how to get started fast with learning how to use YouTube Paid Ads to build your list while making a profit.

  • What if I don't like it?

Check out The 14 Step YouTube Ads Execution Plan risk-free.

Implement everything you learn.

If you follow the steps properly and if you’re not blown away by the results you achieve with the system...

If you’re not thrilled by the way paid traffic dramatically accelerates your success...

No problem. 

Just drop me a line anytime within the next 14 days for a FULL refund.

That's right I'm that confident that this works...

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain...

This is a complete A-Z on how to get started fast with learning how to use YouTube Paid Ads to build your list while making a profit.

  • Who is this for?

If you aren't willing to invest in yourself and your business then this is definitely not for you.

Paid traffic is the fastest way to writing your own cheques and increasing your sales.

Think about it...

When you know where to buy quality traffic that converts, it's like accessing your own fountain of wealth.

You can just keep going back for another drink.

This Offer WILL NOT be Repeated...

So go ahead, try it out now before the price goes up...

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